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My First Flash Ever Passed!

2007-08-04 11:01:35 by FlamingMarshmallow

Yay! My first flash ever has made it passed in the portal! My first log post is celebrating that:) Only 1.91/5.00 but that's good enough for me. I'm really happy that it got past. I've had flash for about 4 or 5 months and I've been working mostly with action script. I'm anxious to learn that so I can make some fun games. I got bored with script so I made a quick animation and it got passed:)

Take a look.

I admit it's not good but what do you expect?


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2007-08-04 11:04:29

Try practicing for a while and you'll get some 4.00/5.00 scores!

(results may take 1-3 years)


2007-08-04 13:29:15

1.91 -75 = 1.90

Thanks for voting, Jesus-Owns-X! Your experience points
have already been deposited for today - thanks for doing the overtime!

Your experience gave you a voting power of 5.07 votes. Your blam and protection points gave you an additional 6% of your experience power, meaning that your total vote power was worth 5.37 votes!

The more experience points you have, combined with BLAM and PROTECTION points, the more your vote is worth!

I voted 0 by the way :)


2007-08-04 14:44:04

Gratz man. Try to aim for 4 - 5 this time. ;P


2007-08-04 16:28:35

Glad I have 3.15!


2007-08-04 16:46:45

Congrats on getting though the portal. I remember being blammed a lot when I started.
If your learning actionscript then check out the thread AS:Main on the flash forum.
I've found it very very useful when learning it.